Malignant Lymphoma--A Case with Plasmacytosis and Hyperglobulinemia

Young, J.K.; Schmidt, E.C.

Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey 61: 479-482


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-7524
PMID: 14228601
Document Number: 9304
A 48-year-old man with malignant lymphoma involving the testes and abdominal and thoracic viscera with increased numbers of plasma cells in the bone marrow and hyperglobulinemia is presented. The patient also is an example of peripheral neuropathy appearing as an early manifestation of malignancy. The relationship between plasmacytosis in the marrow, abnormal scrum proteins, and disease is discussed w'ith some speculation about the various combinations observed. Cells with affinity for pyronin stain were found in this man's bone marrow as in other patients with myeloma-like protein derangements and lymphoma or lymphatic leukemia. Careful study of the nucleus of the plasma cells with measurement of the nucleolar/nuclear ratio may prove helpful in distinguishing myeloma cells from plasma cells not related to multiple myeloma.

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Malignant Lymphoma--A Case with Plasmacytosis and Hyperglobulinemia