Comorbidity of alcohol dependence in suicidal depressed patients

Suppapitiporn, S.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 88(Suppl 4): S195-S199


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 16623028
Document Number: 8539
To study the characteristics of suicidal attempt patients who had depressive symptoms and to assess the comorbidity of alcohol problems in those patients. One hundred and ten patients aged over 18 years who received psychiatric consultation for suicidal attempt and had clinical of depression without psychotic features were evaluated for clinical symptoms, details of self-harming, history of alcohol use disorder and family history of substance use or suicide. The severity of depression was measured objectively with Hamilton Depression Rating Scale. Most cases of suicidal depressed patients were female (81 cases). The mean score of severity of depression from HAM-D was 16.2 (SD 3.52) that indicated moderate degree. The method employed for suicidal attempt was ingestion of drug or chemical agents. About 33% of subjects had comorbid alcohol use disorder and in this group 12.7% was diagnosed as alcohol dependence. Factors associated with suicidal depressed patients who had comorbid alcohol use disorder were male, aged above 30 years and lower education and additionally, in those with alcohol dependence were associated with stressor about financial problems and less likely to attempt suicide by acetaminophen overdose or be precipitated by relationship problem. Comorbid alcohol use disorder is common among depressed patients who attempted suicide. More concern about recognition of these comorbidities particularly in those with associated factors and giving appropriate treatment for the comorbidity may be helpful for prevention of suicide.

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