Breast pain and service satisfaction during digital mammography

Wiratkapun, C.; Lertsithichai, P.; Wibulpolprasert, B.; Leelaswattanakul, M.; Detakarat, J.; Jungjai, P.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 89(11): 1864-1873


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 17205867
Document Number: 8388
To determine the frequency and predisposing factors of breast pain felt during digital mammography, and factors associated with service satisfaction. A questionnaire was distributed to 1250 women immediately after their mammography. The outcomes assessed were a five-point scale of breast pain and rating of the satisfaction with the mammography service. Several factors potentially associated with breast pain and satisfaction were obtained from the questionnaire and analyzed. Multiple cumulative logit regression was used to identify independent, significant factors. Breast pain was found to be absent in 22% of patients, slight in 50%, moderate in 23% and substantial or severe in only 4%. Significant factors associated with breast pain during mammography included higher educational level, having no children, having had prior mammography, impolite and rough radiographer and poorly performed mammography. Factors associated with satisfaction with the mammography service included older age, polite and gentle radiographer and well-performed mammography. Radiographer delivery of the mammography service seemed to be the most important, modifiable reason for breast pain during mammography and dissatisfaction with the mammography service.

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Breast pain and service satisfaction during digital mammography