Role of pulmonary rehabilitation in palliative care

Heffner, J.E.

Respiratory Care 45(11) 1365-1371; Discussion: 1371-1375


ISSN/ISBN: 0020-1324
PMID: 11063524
Document Number: 7554
Educators in pulmonary rehabilitation can assist CLD patients with their unfulfilled needs for more information on advance care planning that include topics of palliative care. With this information, patients have the greatest likelihood of approaching the end of life with a sense of confidence that their treatment wishes and life goals will be honored. More importantly, patients may be aided during periods of stable health in their hopes of having their dying experience strengthen their family relationships. To teach patients about the progressive nature of CLD but to omit the palliative opportunities available once the disease has progressed leaves the glass half full.

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Role of pulmonary rehabilitation in palliative care