Reduction of urinary stone in children from north-eastern Thailand

Aegukkatajit, S.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 82(12): 1230-1233


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 10659566
Document Number: 7496
Bladder stones in children have decreased now compared with the previous decade. If we promote good nutrition for children, bladder stones will decrease and might be eradicated in the future. A seminar of doctors and health personnel from 19 hospitals in the north-eastern provinces of Thailand was conducted to survey bladder stones in children by weighting and interviewing bladder stone symptoms then giving supplementary diet milk and vitamins and teaching health education about nutrition and urinary stones through referring children with bladder stones to hospitals in north-eastern Thailand for surgery. The findings of the stone patients from October 1995 to June 1996 from hospitals in northern Thailand were: Total number of patients was 6671 of which 287 patients (4.3%) were 10 years old or younger. Of these children there were 135 renal stone operations (2.0%), 29 ureteric stone operations (0.4%), 106 bladder stone operations (1.6%) and 17 urethral stone operations (0.3%). There were 6384 patients aged more than 10 years. (95.7%) The total number of operations was 5373.

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Reduction of urinary stone in children from north-eastern Thailand