Putting it all together: clinical performance improvement

Clarke, R.; Hayduk, M.

Health Care Strategic Management 15(12): 1; 20-23


ISSN/ISBN: 0742-1478
PMID: 10176770
Document Number: 7454
When undertaking a CHM program, an organization can plan and implement one component of the model at a time or plan and implement all components at once. The market pressures experienced by the organization will most likely determine the scope of the program. The following table outlines the expected outcomes, resources that will be needed and evaluated at the onset of the project, personnel that should be involved in the program development, and an estimated time frame for completing each component. Ideally, work teams should be established for each component and the process overseen by an integrated clinical and administrative leadership team, who would set the goals and provide structure and guidance for the process. The time frames reflect the time required for each individual component. However, several components can be implemented simultaneously. Implementation of all five components is typically completed in one year.

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Putting it all together: clinical performance improvement