PPS changes dialysis coverage rules

Smith, E.; Burns, M.

Provider 25(12): 57 59


ISSN/ISBN: 0888-0352
PMID: 10747513
Document Number: 7274
The situation regarding dialysis services is anything but ideal. HCFA says it cannot remove the requirement for SNF absorption of costs for medically necessary ambulance trips to the ESRD without statutory change. It also claims that it cannot liberalize the rules that dictate that maintenance dialysis, which is not home dialyE and is provided to a resident in a nursing facility by an ESRD facility, cannot be billed by the ESRD facility under Part B. And, any additional funding for PPS will not in the near future cover the costs of dialysis provided in a SNF to medically complex patients who cannot be transported to an ESRD. Solutions have to be found, and policy has to be changed.

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PPS changes dialysis coverage rules