Factors affecting adequate prenatal care and the prenatal care visits of immigrant women to Taiwan

Liang, Y-Wun.; Chang, H-Pin.; Lin, Y-Hsiu.; Lin, L-Yau.; Chen, W-Yi.

Journal of immigrant and minority health 16(1): 44-52


ISSN/ISBN: 1557-1920
PMID: 23065308
DOI: 10.1007/s10903-012-9734-z
Document Number: 626881
This paper investigates prenatal care utilization, identifies factors affecting the adequacy of prenatal care, and explores the effect of adequate initial timing of prenatal care on total prenatal care visits among Taiwan new immigrant females. Data was obtained from the 2008 Prenatal Care Utilization among Taiwan New Immigrant Females Survey on women who either had at least one preschool-aged child or had delivered their infants but were still hospitalized (N = 476). The Adequacy of Prenatal Care Utilization Index was applied to rate the prenatal care adequacy. The logistic regression model was used to investigate factors associated with the adequacy of prenatal care utilization, and the linear regression model was estimated to identify the impact of influential factors on the prenatal care usage. Females' nationality, employment, and transportation convenience increased the likelihood of receiving adequate prenatal care. Having adequate initial timing of prenatal care was found to be positively related to the frequency of prenatal care visits. Prenatal care utilization can be affected by factors within the health care system and by characteristics of the population; therefore, a measure of prenatal care utilization cannot distinguish these factors but reflects the result of all of them in varying combinations.

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