Ethnographic study of experiences of Pakistani women immigrants with pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum care in the United States and Pakistan

Qureshi, R.; Pacquiao, D.F.

Journal of transcultural nursing official journal of the Transcultural Nursing Society 24(4): 355-362


ISSN/ISBN: 1552-7832
PMID: 23835891
DOI: 10.1177/1043659613493438
Document Number: 622797
Describe the comparative birthing experiences of Pakistani immigrant women in Pakistan and the United States. The framework was drawn from Berry's cultural adaptation, Glick-Schiller et al.'s transnationalism and Berkman's social network. Qualitative Women experienced difficulties associated with inability to observe cultural traditions and loss of extended, gendered kin support. Adaptive strategies were evident through development of social networks of weak ties with non-kin groups in the United States, maintenance of transnational ties with kin back in Pakistan, and assimilation of less gender-defined roles by women and their spouses.

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