Microflora of the peri-ulcer zone in patients with ulcer disease and its sensitivity to antibacterial agents

Chervinets, V.M.; Bazlov, S.N.; Chernin, V.V.; Strelets, E.V.

Eksperimental'naia i Klinicheskaia Gastroenterologiia 1: 37-39; 191


ISSN/ISBN: 1682-8658
PMID: 12271581
Document Number: 542263
The investigations carried out on 126 patients with ulcer disease has shown that from bioptates of periulcer mucosa it is possible to elicit 21 kinds of microorganisms including H. pylori, in quantity 2.8-5.76 lg KOE in 1 gr of bioptate in a combination from 2 to 6 various microbial cultures. They have hemocatheretic, lecithin, urease, gelatinous, DRNA, RNA, katalase activity and cytotoxic properties, what makes the microbiological characteristics of ulcer defect close to parameters of contaminated wound. The given circumstance allows to conclude that in treatment of ulcer relapse it is necessary to suppress the activity not only H. pylori, but also another high pathogenic microbial flora. The testing of various antibacterial medications to microorganisms of periulcer zone has shown, that Ampicillin had the greatest effect in a combination with Gentamicin or Ofloxacin.

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