Guided fantasy encounter

Rochkind, M.; Conn, J.H.

American Journal of PsychoTherapy 27(4): 516-528


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9564
PMID: 4761008
Document Number: 5367
Guided Fantasy Encounter is an effective tool in a variety of difficult problem areas. Its basis is active involvement and increased self-esteem. It is a process which is concerned with the total individual in the present. The focus is on not merely removing old symptoms but on opening new avenues of meaning. When meaningful material is being avoided, the stage can be set to allow for a "corrective emotional experience." This may be by use of a "Zen Slap" maneuver during which highly charged material is thrust into the patient's consciousness. The patient allows this process to take place because the "trance" (hypnoid) state and the supportive relationship make it possible. It offers an opportunity for the patient to find in the depths of himself significant meanings which he feels to be potentially overwhelming and therefore to be avoided. However, when these significant meanings are faced, they illuminate, motivate, and give purpose to a new way of life.

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Guided fantasy encounter