Some economic and social issues in conservation and sustainable development

Easter, C.D.

Technical papers from a consultation on promoting conservation for sustainable agricultural development in the Sudano Sahelian region of Africa Banjul, the Gambia, 27 May 2 June 1989: 109-119


Document Number: 530840
Economic and social issues are considered within the scope of natural resource conservation and socioeconomic development in Africa. The intransigence of development problems in Africa is attributed to economic, environmental and social factors and has increased Africa's poverty and malnutrition. The consequence is an intensification of land use and increased environmental vulnerability and fragility. The causes and criteria for measuring natural resource degradation are discussed. Environmental degradation arises when susceptible environments are subjected to the impacts of natural hazards. The degree of susceptibility is, however, subject to human influence. It is important to evaluate the nature and extent of natural resource degradation, examine its causes and apply appropriate policy interventions. A range of macro and microeconomic policy interventions are suggested. Policies that encourage resource over-exploitation and increase environmental vulnerability are considered highly undesirable. A number of social welfare issues, including land reform and integration of women into conservation interventions, are suggested.

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