Blood dimethyltryptamine concentrations in psychotic disorders

Lipinski, J.F.; Mandel, L.R.; Ahn, H.S.; Vanden Heuvel, W.J.; Walker, R.W.

Biological Psychiatry 9(1): 89-91


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-3223
PMID: 4616726
Document Number: 5043
DMT was not elevated in the blood of patients with chronic schizophrenia or in patients with hepatic failure, even when the latter patients displayed severe hepatic encephalopathy with coma (based on the reasoning of Fischer and Baldessarini, 1971, that with hepatic failure there might be an accumulation of circulating amines due to failure of their catabolism by liver enzymes or less hepatic utilization of precursor amino acids, we hypothesized that DMT might accumulate and perhaps account for some of the mental symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy). Control values of less than 0.5 ng/m1 were far lower than the values of up to 39.8 ng/ml plasma or blood previously reported. The significance of the finding of slightly elevated levels in two patients, both of whom had acute schizophreniform psychoses with hallucinations, remains to be established.

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Blood dimethyltryptamine concentrations in psychotic disorders