Research and sanitary significance of the presence of heavy metals in cow's milk produced in the Province of Rome

Vitali, M.; Petyx, M.; Bonacci, S.

Annali di Igiene Medicina Preventiva e di Comunita 7(5): 383-390


ISSN/ISBN: 1120-9135
PMID: 8679180
Document Number: 444302
The presence of Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Chromium has been estimated in the cow's milk produced in the Rome County. The results show the presence of the metals in cow's milk in different concentrations (5.6-102 micrograms/kg for Pb; 0.9-38 micrograms/kg for Hg: 2.3-53 micrograms/kg for Cr; only one sample positive at 0.77 microgram/kg for Cd). The sanitary evaluation of the data was based on the amounts of metals theorically assumed with milk, and compared with the "tolerable" values as suggested by International Organizations.

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