The current method of early recognition and treatment of threatened premature labor

Török, M.; Gáti, I.

Orvosi Hetilap 131(14): 731-737


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-6002
PMID: 2183142
Document Number: 366965
The authors, following a short review of the currently available diagnostic and therapy methods of threatening premature delivery, introduce their own method. The most important feature of this method is a two-level, computerized telecommunicative system. According to the risk factors, physical examination and the patient's complaints (clinical parameters) a risk score analysis is made by the central computer of the outpatient clinic. Those pregnants who fall into the high-risk group are followed-up by means of a portable contraction monitor. The treatment is introduced according to the registered spontaneous contraction activity. (hospitalisation, beta-mimetic etc.). After institution of the therapy the patient can be emitted to her home under the care of the portable monitor. Data of the registered and stored contraction activity from the patient's home can be transmitted to the central computer of the out-patient clinic via phone. If the telephone connection is not possible, the physician can read out the stored data from the memory of the portable monitor on its own display during regular visits. Finally the authors make preliminary cost-benefit calculation on the basis of the literature and their own data and conclude that their method can be very cost effective as well.

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