Clinical features of multiple organ failure in the elderly

Wang, S.W.; Fan, L.

Chinese Medical Journal 103(9): 763-767


ISSN/ISBN: 0366-6999
PMID: 2123779
Document Number: 366858
Multiple organ failure (MOF) in the elderly is a new syndrome evolved from multiple organ chronic diseases on the basis of multiple organ dysfunction in the aged. Its characteristics are clinically different from those of MOF due to serious trauma. 122 cases of MOF were analysed retrospectively and their clinical features discussed. MOF with a long course is the natural presentation in many of the elderly before death. Its main precipitating factors are pulmonary infection, metastatic carcinoma, cardiac attack, etc. The liver, etc. The sequence of a failure in organs is heart, lung, kidney, liver, etc. The mortality is similar to that of MOF due to trauma. However, those suffering from 4-organ failure can still survive, and instead, the renal failure can be mostly fatal. More attention should be paid to the prevention of MOF in the elderly so as to shorten its developing course.

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