Functions of the seventh cranial nerve

Smith, J.J.; Breathnach, C.S.

Ear Nose and Throat Journal 69(10): 688-91 694-5


ISSN/ISBN: 0145-5613
PMID: 2286164
Document Number: 366844
The somatosensory fibers in the seventh cranial nerves convey cutaneous information from the pinnae and are overshadowed in importance by the gustatory afferents in the chordae tympanorum, which, while also carrying parasympathetic fibers to the mucous glands, play an essential role in the health and physiology of the mouth, nose, and conjunctiva. The motor fibers of the facial nerve proper activate the mimetic muscles, and so have a dual role in the expression of emotion and the silent or unconscious communication of thought.

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