Parathyroid autotransplant in thyroid surgery

Baldo Sierra, C.; Suárez Nieto, C.; Núñez Batalla, F.; Sota Eguizábal, E.; Pérez Vázquez, P.

Acta Otorrinolaringologica Espanola 41(4): 239-242


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-6519
PMID: 2268464
Document Number: 366814
The postoperative hypoparathyroidism was studied in 176 patients that underwent a total o a wide subtotal thyroidectomy. The rate of this complication was compared between patients receiving a parathyroid autotransplantation (75 cases) and patients that did not. A 2.9% of non-transplanted patients developed a permanent hypoparathyroidism, that was observed in a 1.3% of non-transplanted patient. At variance, a transient hypoparathyroidism was twice more frequently observed in the transplanted group.

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