The motivational and cognitive determinants of individual planning

Kreitler, S.; Kreitler, H.

Genetic Social and General Psychology Monographs 113(1): 83-108


ISSN/ISBN: 8756-7547
Document Number: 366796
Starting from a motivational-cognitive approach to planning, the motivational aspect was assessed within the framework of the motivational theory of Cognitive Orientation (CO) in terms of index scores of beliefs of four types (CO scores) oriented toward individual planning. The cognitive aspect was assessed within the framework of the cognitive-semantic theory of meaning in terms of the individual's tendencies for particular forms of information processing (meaning variables). The hypothesis was that planning would be predicted by CO scores and meaning variables together. Subjects (25 men, 25 women, M age = 25.3 years) were randomly administered CO and meaning questionnaires and 10 planning tasks that enabled the assessment of general aspects of planning and evaluation of the adequacy of varied specific plans. The findings indicated beliefs that orient toward planning and cognitive tendencies that promote planning. Multiple stepwise regression analyses showed that CO scores-as a major factor-and meaning variables, mostly as a complementary factor, highly predicted all 19 planting variables together better than each separately.

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