Comparison of the course of oxygen saturation and transcutaneous oxygen pressure in nonspecific inhalative provocation

Hoffarth, H.P.; Reier, W.; Ulmer, W.T.

Pneumologie 44 Suppl. 1: 364-365


ISSN/ISBN: 0934-8387
PMID: 2195519
Document Number: 366768
In the case of the unspecific inhalative provocative test, a drop in arterial oxygen pressure often occurs, and can be recorded continuously, with the aid of transcutaneous measurements. In 39 patients, the course of oxygen pressure measured transcutaneously (tcpO2) was compared with the continuous measurement of oxygen saturation (SaO2) employing pulse oximetry. A close correlation was found to exist between maximum tcpO2 and maximum SaO2 decrease. The continuous measurement of oxygen saturation is thus also suitable for the monitoring of the course and for assessing an unspecific inhalative provocation; owing to the course of the oxygen-binding curve, however, the changes are only slight. A positive reaction may be suspected when the oxygen saturation decreases at least 3 per cent.

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