Deletion of self-reactive T cells in nude mice grafted with neonatal allogeneic thymus

Yuuki, H.; Yoshikai, Y.; Kishihara, K.; Iwasaki, A.; Matsuzaki, G.; Ogimoto, M.; Nomoto, K.

Journal of Immunology 144(2): 474-479


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1767
PMID: 2136892
Document Number: 366753
The cellular basis of tolerance induction has been investigated in BALB/c(H-2d, thy 1.2, M1s1b2a) nude mice grafted with thymus of neonatal AKR/J mice(H-2k,Thy1.1,M1s1a2b). The spleen cells from nude mice grafted with AKR/J thymus showed a significantly decreased level of primary cytotoxic T cell response when stimulated with AKR/J cells, although these cells lysed well target cells of a third party C57BL/6 when stimulated with C57BL/6 cells. Consistent with CTL responses, T cells bearing V beta 6, that is important for recognizing M1s1a-encoded products of the thymic phenotype, were virtually abolished in the spleen and lymph node cells of nude mice 8 wk after grafting with AKR/J thymus. However, a substantial number of V beta 6-bearing T cells were detected in the peripheral organs of nude mice 23 wk after grafting with AKR/J thymus and in those of nude mice grafted with AKR/J fetal thymus depleted of macrophages/dendritic cells by incubating with 2'-deoxyguanosine in vitro before grafting. On the other hand, T cells bearing V beta 3, which are selectively related to M1s2a-encoded products of the host phenotype, were expressed neither on the peripheral T cells of nude mice grafted with AKR/J thymus at any stage after grafting nor on those of nude mice grafted with 2'-deoxyguanosine-treated AKR/J thymus. These data suggested that both V beta 6 and V beta 3 T cells were eliminated in the thymus of nude mice grafted with AKR/J thymus, presumably on the basis of interaction with both of graft-derived persisting and host-derived hemopoietic cells in the thymus and that thymic epithelium appears to have little capacity to eliminate T cells reactive to minor lymphocyte stimulating-encoded products.

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