Orbital abscess as a complication of orbital cellulitis. Diagnostic value of C.A.T

Rica, I.; Sánchez, E.; Echaniz, I.; Crovetto, M.; Delgado, A.

Boletin Medico del Hospital Infantil de Mexico 47(3): 178-180


ISSN/ISBN: 0539-6115
PMID: 2360988
Document Number: 366742
We present a case of "orbital abscess"--uncommon and severe complication of "orbital cellulitis"--in a 2 year-old female, and we consider about the etiology and pathogenesis of this process. The treatment of "orbital cellulitis" requires adequate parenteral antibiotic therapy and judicious surgical intervention, which should be planned with the results of computerized tomography in mind.

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