Stress echocardiography in clinical cardiology

Chaloupka, V.; Elbl, L.; Soucek, R.; Zák, J.

Bratislavske Lekarske Listy 91(12): 893-896


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-9248
PMID: 2271974
Document Number: 366713
In their generally designed presentation the authors focus on practical problems concerning indication, different stress modalities and projections, evaluation and interpretation of findings, as well as on technical novelties and their use. Only dynamic exercise echocardiography is being discussed. Currently available knowledge is assessed in the light of the authors' own experience. Problems of evaluation and interpretation are considered to be most intricate. In the authors' opinion, many technical problems which have prevented the routine use of the method in practice will be eliminated by introducing technical novelties such as digitalization of the display with image loop. Other innovations will certainly be used to advantage and render the method less demanding and far more widespread.

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