Hepatic fibrosis with cirrhogenous development in chronic vitamin a poisoning

Belaiche, J.; Gast, P.; Lambinet, N.; Etienne, M.; Fridman, V.; Vivario, M.; Boniver, J.

Revue Medicale de Liege 45(8): 381-389


ISSN/ISBN: 0370-629X
PMID: 2218213
Document Number: 366635
A case of chronic vitamin A poisoning in a 61-year-old womam who had received approximately 2 billion units of vitamin A during the course of 15 years for treatment of icthyosis is presented. No extrahepatic signs of vitamin A poisoning were present, however, serum concentrations of vitamin A were elevated. Analysis of blood samples indicated spontaneous fluorescence along the sinusoids due to vitamin A accumulation. Perisinusoidal portal fibrosis, periportal fibrosis, Ito cell hyperplasia and hypertrophy, and elevated intrahepatic vitamin A concentration were also observed. This case illustrates the possibility of severe hepatic lesions as well as cirrhotic development secondary to chronic vitamin A poisoning.

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