A technique of cholecystectomy by minilaparotomy without cutting muscles

Pelissier, E.P.

Annales de Chirurgie 44(7): 521-523


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-3944
PMID: 2241073
Document Number: 366623
A surgical incision for cholecystectomy is described. It is characterized by its small size, to reduce peritoneal exposure and the resulting postoperative ileus, and the absence of muscular section, to minimize pain and parietal injury. The skin incision is transverse, symmetrical to the midline, 6 cm in length and located 8-10 cm from the xyphoid process. Then a transverse division of linea alba extending 1.5-2 cm on both sides of the two walls of the rectus sheath, without muscular section, is made. Cholecystectomy is commenced at the fundus and continued downwards.

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