The characteristics of the vectorcardiographic diagnosis of chronic cor pulmonale in middle and old age

Korkushko, O.V.; Vozniuk, V.V.

Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 62(11): 82-87


ISSN/ISBN: 0040-3660
PMID: 2151301
Document Number: 366596
Spatial assay of the vectorcardiograms (VCG) was performed in 85 elderly and senile patients with chronic cor-pulmonale (CCP) and in 64 patients aged 30-49 years. In accordance with the VCG, CCP was diagnosed in 90.7% of patients aged 60-79 years and in 91.3% of patients aged 30-49 years in a stage of compensation as well as in all the cases with decompensation superaddition. Spatial vectorcardiography makes it possible not only to diagnose right ventricular hypertrophy in CCP patients but also to examine its formation over time, commencing from the early disease stages. Biventricular hypertrophy was one of the most characteristic features of cor pulmonale on ageing. A complex of the most informative VCG criteria for CCL are suggested for patients of different age groups.

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