Significance of the diagnosis and treatment of arterial injuries of the wrist

Csonka, C.; Gyurkó, G.; Halász, P.; Vekszler, G.

Magyar Traumatologia Orthopaedia Es Helyreallito Sebeszet 33(1): 46-50


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-0317
PMID: 1969000
Document Number: 366592
Authors report on arterial injuries in a 2-year material of hand injured. The combination of injuries observed and the methods of treatment are described. Attention is called to the fact, that because of anatomical characteristics of these regions, the diagnosis of arterial injuries is not always easy. Four cases of their own are briefly described in whom the arterial injury could be stated only at the development of complications (pulsating haematoma, false aneurysm, later bleeding). The importance of the primary careful treatment and the significance of the examination of the circulation (Allen's test, Doppler) are stressed.

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