The importance of prognostic signs in malignant diseases

Lemez, P.

Casopis Lekaru Ceskych 129(43): 1361-1364


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-7335
PMID: 2249234
Document Number: 366588
The paper deals with the general importance of prognostic signs in malignant tumours. The author defines basic terms such as disease, illness, sign etc. Diagrams describe individual stages and the complexity of the diagnostic and therapeutic procedure and the main factors which influence its result, the patient's recovery. From the aspect of assessment of the accurate diagnosis signs assembled during the diagnostic process are divided into three prognostic groups as the correct diagnosis is the prerequisite of rational therapy and thus can influence the prognosis of the disease. In the first group are only signs associated with the aetiopathogenesis of the disease, in the second group signs associated with the patient's general condition and in the third group signs of the patient's normal phenotype. The signs in each of these groups have as a rule a different prognostic value. The author emphasizes the great dependence of prognostic signs on the type of applied treatment as well as the fact that with improving treatment the majority of signs lose their prognostic importance.

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