The use of tissue expansion for immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy

Russell, I.S.; Collins, J.P.; Holmes, A.D.; Smith, J.A.

Medical Journal of Australia 152(12): 632-635


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-729X
PMID: 2377099
Document Number: 366473
A series of 139 patients who had a total mastectomy underwent breast reconstruction using the method of tissue expansion. In 127 patients a tissue expander was inserted at the time of mastectomy and in 12 patients this was done as a delayed procedure. The reconstruction was successfully completed in 87% of cases and the patient acceptance of this method of reconstruction has been high. We believe that tissue expansion should be offered to all women having immediate reconstruction after total mastectomy and that it also has a significant role in delayed breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

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