Development of problems in medicine

Kovac, Z.

Lijecnicki Vjesnik 112(9-10): 323-328


ISSN/ISBN: 0024-3477
PMID: 2093791
Document Number: 366453
Current problems of medical profession stem from several independent points. The development of biomedical sciences generates a numerous basic and applied discoveries, what opens a new insight into pathobiology of diseases. Biomedical faculties have been introducing molecular biology research programmes, in order to keep up with the contemporary demands of their scientific university position. Teaching university hospitals are specific in their performance, comprising simultaneously three activities: scientific research, teaching of biomedical courses and regular clinical work. All three activities are as equally important in achieving the status of teaching university hospital. Author stresses that some of the university hospitals have failed to make a proper functional organization between the emergency medicine and other hospital activities. Therefore, due to that they fail to meet the scientific standards and excellence of performance of the university teaching hospitals. Concerning the imminent programme of the six year study of medicine, author outlines the importance of the integrated, problem oriented teaching, which, he thinks, is more efficient in comparison to the traditional teaching of medicine. A short synopsis of basic discoveries in the various biomedical fields, as well as applied research relevant to the medical praxis are discussed at the end.

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