Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in 100 cases of mass lesions in the liver

Meng, T.; Su, X.Z.

Chinese Medical Journal 103(8): 673-679


ISSN/ISBN: 0366-6999
PMID: 2173656
Document Number: 366409
This study denotes that MRI is a valid imaging modality in the differential diagnosis of mass lesions in the liver. From the different prolongation of T2 relaxation time, it is possible to differentiate benign and malignant liver masses. Cavernous hemangioma and cyst present high signal intensity on heavily T2 weighted images whereas hepatoma and liver metastasis show moderate signal intensity. Quantitative study, including T2 value calculation and tumor mass/liver ratio, is a complementary measure for the differential diagnosis of liver mass lesions. Active and passive maneuvers to restrict the abdominal respiration for the preparation of patients before MR scanning are simple and effective approaches to reduce the respiratory motion artifacts.

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