Echocardiographic control of treatment of mild hypertension with trimepranol

Oral, I.; Vizinová, H.

Vnitrni Lekarstvi 36(7): 633-638


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-773X
PMID: 1978953
Document Number: 366347
Forty men with hypertension, diastolic BP lower than 14.66 kPa, were treated for six months with Trimepranol, 10 mg three times per day, with echocardiographic checking of changes of the cardiac minute output and the peripheral vascular resistance at rest and during an isometric load. In patients with a low baseline vascular resistance (group A, n = 20) a substantially better therapeutic effect was recorded than in patients with a markedly elevated peripheral resistance (group B, n = 11). Trimepranol is indicated in patients with a higher heart rate at rest and with a significant increase of the latter during isometric loading tests.

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