Routine neonatal circumcision: a reappraisal

Wiswell, T.E.

American Family Physician 41(3): 859-863


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-838X
PMID: 2407074
Document Number: 366312
Routine neonatal circumcision has long been a controversial subject. The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently outlined a new position on circumcision that is a marked departure from its previous stance. Neonatal circumcision has many potential advantages: The procedure helps prevent urinary tract infections, penile cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and, perhaps, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The risk of complications from the procedure is low. Fewer penile problems occur in circumcised boys than in uncircumcised boys. It is more economical to perform the procedure early in life, rather than later. No evidence shows that penile hygiene alone is as beneficial as circumcision.

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