Implication for student's sex education in Korea

Hong, M.S.; Nam, J.J.

In'gu Pogon Nonjip 9(1): 148-181


PMID: 12342602
Document Number: 366293
General information on junior and senior high school students' sexuality is presented so that attention can be called to their sex-related problems. A questionnaire was used with 2nd year students of middle and high school in Seoul in June, 1987. 1427 were middle school students; 1774 high school students were interviewed. There were 51.5% boys for the middle-school survey and 50.8% for the high-school one. High-school students were more permissive than those in middle school about smoking, drinking, going to discotheques, and watching sex videos; but not about taking drugs. 90% of all student thought that taking drugs was unacceptable. 33.5% of the high school students thought that hugging and kissing was not acceptable on dates, as opposed to 64.6% of the middle-school students. Students' attitudes toward masturbation are given in table form. 48.6% of middle school students disapprove of premarital sex; 37.7% of high school boys approved. 85.2% of the high- school students thought that unmarried people should be taught contraception. Boys preferred condoms; girls preferred the pill. Smoking and drinking experiences among Korean teenagers are discussed. 58.3% of middle school boys had "sexually stimulated experiences," as had 93.9% of high-school boys. 34% of middle-school girls and 40.6% of high-school girls had had "sexual stimulation." Boy-girl differences in sexually stimulated feelings is discussed. Aside from masturbation, sexual sublimation took the form of listening to music or exercising. Students experiences in opposite-sex relationships are discussed, as are students' sexual intercourse experience. 39.1% of the boys and 18.9% of the girls used contraception. The majority of the students do not have the necessary sex information. Their level of understanding of sex- related terminology was very low. Sex booklets, peers, and teachers were the 1st 3 knowledge sources. Factor analysis was done on 10 sexual behavior variables for middle-school students. 14 variables made up the factor analysis of high-school students' sexual behavior. A school sex education program should be developed.

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