Effectiveness of courses in autogenic training within the scope of the public university. An expanded form of the contribution, which was recognized in 1987 with the "Ludo-Hartmann Prize" by the Austrian Society of Public Education

Rittmannsberger, H.; Grausgruber, A.

Psychotherapie Psychosomatik Medizinische Psychologie 40(7): 264-270


ISSN/ISBN: 0937-2032
PMID: 2392515
Document Number: 366198
128 participants of courses for autogenic training held at an adult college were followed up three months after end of the course by means of a questionnaire. The investigation aimed to explore, whether the participants succeeded in learning autogenic training and how many of them after 3 months still practiced it. The most important findings were: most participants succeeded with the exercises of warmth and heaviness whereas they had much difficulties with the exercises of the different organ systems. The frequency of practice correlated statistically positive with the participant's age. After end of the course the frequency of practice decreased markedly. Success in practicing the basic exercises is determined by the frequency of practice and the participant's symptomatology: participants with organic symptoms do significantly worse in learning autogenic training.

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