Selection criteria for dietetic internship admission: what do internship directors consider most important?

Carruth, B.R.; Sneed, J.

Journal of the American Dietetic Association 90(7): 999-1001


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-8223
PMID: 2365946
Document Number: 366178
A mail survey of the 97 dietetic internship directors listed in the 1989 Directory of Dietetic Programs determined the relative importance of criteria stated on the Dietetic Internship Application Form developed by The American Dietetic Association. A response rate of 91% was achieved. Results indicate that grade point average, success in professional and physiological/biological science courses, and former employment were the most important criteria to a majority of respondents. Extensive write-in comments indicated that a grade of C or less in upper-level professional, basic sciences, and management/business courses reduced the competitive edge; in some cases, a C excluded the student from an appointment. The importance of the application packet, application letter, and their neatness and accuracy was also stressed. Directors desired letters of reference that provided insight about the student not readily available in the application information, e.g., flexibility and dependability. In summary, directors are looking for an overall academically strong student with good references and some work experience (either paid or volunteer) that seems to fit with a career choice in dietetics.

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