Colo-rectal anastomosis. Early postoperative course

Chazelet, C.; Ould Said, A.; Baumel, H.

Presse Medicale 19(12): 553-555


ISSN/ISBN: 0755-4982
PMID: 2139216
Document Number: 366172
A retrospective study of immediate postoperative events was carried out in 138 cases of colorectal anastomosis. The overall operative mortality rate was 7.2 percent. The proportion of clinical fistulae was 9.4 percent, and fistulae were responsible for death in 0.7 percent of the cases. Based on these results, a statistical analysis of the various factors that could have influenced the solidity of anastomoses (antibiotic prophylaxis, nature of the disease, level and technique of the anastomosis) was conducted. No significant difference was found between these factors, except for antibiotic prophylaxis which reduced the number of disjunctions.

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