Role of glucose polymer (cereal) in oral rehydration therapy

Molla, A.M.; Molla, A.; Bari, A.

Clinical Therapeutics 12(Suppl): 113-120; Discussion 120-121


ISSN/ISBN: 0149-2918
PMID: 2187604
Document Number: 366155
The standard packaged glucose-based oral rehydration solution (ORS) provides optimal rehydration of acute diarrhoea from any cause, but it does not reduce volume, frequency or duration of diarrhoea. A new ORS formulation has been developed in which glucose is replaced by 50 to 60 g cereal flours, such as rice, wheat, maize, sorghum or millet, or equivalent amounts of non-cereal staples, such as boiled potato or plantain. In a clinical trial with children suffering from acute diarrhoea, the staple-based or polymer-based ORS achieved a 40 to 60% reduction in the stool volume compared with the standard ORS. A 3-cell longitudinal study in rural Bangladesh involving 2000 children aged 1 to 4 years demonstrated the superior efficacy of rice ORS compared with glucose ORS or no ORS. The cumulative recovery rate in day 3 was 66, 24 and 11% in the rice ORS, glucose ORS and comparison groups, respectively. The study suggests that staple-based or food-based ORS is the optimal treatment of diarrhoea.

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