Getting a high response rate of sexual behavior survey among the general population in Japan: three different methods of survey on sexual behavior

Hayashi, M.; Iwanaga, T.; Mitoku, K.; Minowa, M.

Journal of Epidemiology 9(2): 107-113


ISSN/ISBN: 0917-5040
PMID: 10337083
DOI: 10.2188/jea.9.107
Document Number: 236579
The purpose of this study was to specify the most accurate, reliable and valid technique for a general sexual behavioral survey in Japan. This pilot study was conducted to assure a high response rate and to keep respondents' privacy confidential by using an anonymous questionnaire survey technique. The sample (360 potential respondents) was selected randomly from basic resident registers in two geographically different areas. From the registries, 90 residents, aged 20 to 49 years old, were randomly selected to represent each sex from each area. The subjects were randomly assigned to three groups each having a different procedure of requesting the completion of the survey and providing the questionnaires: (1) Postal Group, (2) Telephone Group, and (3) Face-to-face Group. The survey was carried out from October 1995 to February 1996. Effective response rates for the above mentioned three groups were 69.2%, 69.2% and 55.8%, respectively. It is difficult to determine the best method when only considering the effective response rates. However, judging from our effort and expense, the mail survey is the best possible procedure and would be a reasonable method for a national sexual behavior survey.

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