Cancer immunotherapeutics: raising the ante

Thorat, M.A.; Datar, R.H.; Joshi, N.N.

National Medical Journal of India 19(3): 140-150


ISSN/ISBN: 0970-258X
PMID: 16836264
Document Number: 2153
Therapeutically, cancer is one of the most challenging diseases. This is due to the inherent heterogeneity of malignant cells. The degree of plasticity of response stemming from genotypic and phenotypic diversity among the cancer cells allows their dynamic evolution into non-responsive or resistant variants. This phenomenon necessitates the simultaneous or sequential use of multiple therapeutic agents. The use of immunotherapeutic modalities as adjuvants is gaining increasing importance not only due to their highly specific therapeutic potential but also for their vaccine-like effects which could yield long term benefits. Increasing efforts are therefore ongoing to evolve and incorporate immunological approaches into effective clinical treatments.

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Cancer immunotherapeutics: raising the ante