Religious beliefs prevailing among Somali men living in Finland regarding the use of the condom by men and that of other forms of contraception by women

Degni, F.; Mazengo, C.; Vaskilampi, T.; Essén, B.

European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care the Official Journal of the European Society of Contraception 13(3): 298-303


ISSN/ISBN: 1362-5187
PMID: 18821464
DOI: 10.1080/02699200802185205
Document Number: 203900
The objective of this study was to explore religious beliefs of Somali men residing in Finland that may influence their use of condoms and their perceptions of contraceptive use by women of their community. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were used to study 98 refugee Somali married men aged 30-65 years. Participants filled in self-administered questionnaires (in English or in Somali) but were also interviewed. The interviews were semi-structured, featuring thematically clustered open-ended questions; they were conducted in Somali or in English. Participants had arrived in Finland between 1990-1998. They had from 2-12 children. For religious reasons, 63% of the men avoided using condoms and were opposed to women's contraceptive use. The remaining 37% were not deterred by religious beliefs from using condoms and from approving women's contraceptive practices. In conclusion, for religious reasons, most Somali men assessed avoided using condoms and disapproved of the use of contraception by women.

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