Single burr hole drainage for chronic subdural haematoma

Khadka, N.K.; Sharma, G.R.; Roka, Y.B.; Kumar, P.; Bista, P.; Adhikari, D.; Devkota, U.P.

Nepal Medical College Journal Nmcj 10(4): 254-257


ISSN/ISBN: 2676-1319
PMID: 19558065
Document Number: 18305
Chronic subdural haematoma is a common neurosurgical condition and surprisingly surgical treatment ranges from twist drill craniostomy to more radical membranectomy. However, the outcome is generally favourable with appropriate therapy. This retrospective study is aimed at analyzing the result of single burr hole drainage of such haematoma under local anaesthesia over a period of fifteen years. There were a total of 365 patients ranging from 6 months to 89 years with the mean age of 60 years. Recurrence of haematoma was noted in 17 (4.6%) patients and majority of them (65.0%) were managed by aspiration through the previous burr hole. Favorable outcome was noted in 98.6% patients. Those with adverse outcome were in coma preoperatively. This study suggests that single burr hole drainage under local anaesthesia is sufficient in the majority of patients and outcome was favorable even in the elderly provided they presented before lapsing into coma.

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Single burr hole drainage for chronic subdural haematoma