Diagnosis and management of diabetes in pregnancy

Seshiah, V.; Balaji, V.; Balaji, M.S.

Journal of the Indian Medical Association 101(12): 742; 744 746 Passim


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5847
PMID: 15198403
Document Number: 17989
Diabetes and pregnancy encompass not only pregestational diabetes mellitus but also any form of abnormal glucose tolerance during gestation. While screening for glucose intolerance is mandatory for high-risk patients in pregnancy, it is not required in others. There are various methods for screening of gestational diabetes mellitus eg, urine glucose detection, O'Sullivan screening test, WHO criteria, etc. Proper management of diabetes in pregnancy can arrest foetal mortality and morbidity. Practical self management skills are essential for attaining good glycaemic control. Management of gestational diabetes mellitus rests on the idea of medical nutrition therapy and insulin therapy.

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Diagnosis and management of diabetes in pregnancy