Cytotoxic activity against small cell lung cancer cell line and chromatographic fingerprinting of six isolated compounds from the ethanolic extract of Benjakul

Rattarom, R.; Sakpakdeejaroen, I.; Hansakul, P.; Itharat, A.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 97(Suppl 8): S70-S75


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 25518296
Document Number: 16400
Benjakul, a Thai traditional herbal preparation, comnprises five plants: Piper chaba, Piper sarmentosum, Piper interruptum, Plumbago indica, and Zingiber officinale. It has widely been used to treat cancer patients in folk medicine in Thailand. Benjakul extract, and its isolated compounds should be investigated for cytotoxic activity and analysis isolated compounds from chemical fingerprinting. To study cytotoxicity ofBenjakul extract and its isolatedpure compounds against human small cell lung cancer cell line (NCI-HI 688) and in normal human lungfibroblast cell line (MRC-5) and analysis the content ofisolated compounds for quality control of Benjakul extract. Bioassay-guided fractionation was used for isolated active compounds from ethanolic extract of Benjakul. Cytotoxic activity was carried using the SRB assay. HPLC method was applied to analyze six isolated compound contentfrom Benjakul extract. The ethanolic extract ofBenjakul showed cytotoxicity against NCI-H1688 with IC50 value = 36.15±4.35 μg/ml. Hexane fraction as semi-separation by VLC showed the best cytotoxic activity (21.1 7±7.42 μg/ml). Six isolated compounds were identified as myristicin, plumbagin, methyl piperate, 6-shogaol, 6-gingerol and piperine. Plumbagin exhibited the highest cytotoxic activity and 6-shogaol was the second most effective cytotoxic constituent (IC50 values = 1.41±0.01 and 6.45±0.19 μg/ml, respectively). Piperine showed the highest content in both ofHPLC analysis and column chromatography separation. Benjakul extract exhibited cytotoxicity against NCI-HI 688. Plumbagin and 6-shogaol are bioactive markers for cytotoxicity against this small cell lung cancer cell line. Chromatographic fingerprinting can be used to analyze six cytotoxic compounds isolatedfrom the ethanolic extract ofBenjakul.

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