Shift work and type 2 diabetic patients' health

Chalernvanichakorn, T.; Sithisarankul, P.; Hiransuthikul, N.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 91(7): 1093-1096


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 18839851
Document Number: 14911
To compare the health between type 2 diabetic patients doing day work and shift work. Two hundred and forty workers (120 day workers, 120 shift workers) aged 30-60 years were selected from the Social Security Clinic in five hospitals in Bangkok and its vicinity. All participants in the present study filled out the questionnaires that included questions for detecting hypoglycemic symptoms, Thai GHQ--12 questionnaires, and Suanprung Stress Test--20 questionnaires. Fasting blood glucose during the last six months, blood pressure during the last six months, and body mass index (BMI) were collected from the patient's medical records. All results were collected and compared between day workers and shift workers. Good glycemic control was significantly higher in day workers versus shift workers (28.3% vs. 15.8%). A higher proportion of shift workers had hypoglycemic symptoms and abnormal mental health compared to day workers. Shift work may have a negative effect on type 2 diabetic patients' health. Consequently, type 2 diabetic shift-worker needs more attention from physicians and employers at their work place.

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Shift work and type 2 diabetic patients' health