Relationship between Hypomagnesemia and Glucose Homeostasis

Montagnana, M.; Lippi, G.; Targher, G.; Salvagno, G.L.; Guidi, G.C.

Clinical Laboratory 54(5-6): 169-172


ISSN/ISBN: 1433-6510
PMID: 18780662
Document Number: 14600
Background: Controversial data are available on the relationship between magnesium metabolism and glucose homeostasis. Methods: We performed a retrospective analysis to retrieve results of serum magnesium and fasting plasma glucose (FPG) tests (7,659 outpatients >35 years old). Results: Subjects with FPG value >7.0 mmol/L were more likely to had hypomagnesemia. The frequency of hypomagnesemia was also significantly higher among those with high FPG values >7.0 mmol/L. In multivariable linear regression analysis, magnesium was significantly associated with FPG only in patients with FPG >7.0 mmol/L. Conclusions: Magnesium metabolism could be implicated in the glucose homeostasis, especially in patients with FPG values suggestive for diabetes.

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Relationship between Hypomagnesemia and Glucose Homeostasis