Metabolic conversion of 1- and 2-nitronaphthalene to 1- and 2-naphthylamine in the rat

Johnson, D.E.; Cornish, H.H.

Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 46(3): 549-573


ISSN/ISBN: 0041-008X
PMID: 746547
Document Number: 136362
1- and 2-Naphthylamine (.alpha.- and .beta.-naphthylamine) were isolated as urinary metabolites of 1- and 2-nitronaphthalene, respectively, in the rat. Isolation and identification were accomplished using preparative TLC and gas-liquid chromatography/mass spectral analysis. The evidence that metabolism of nitronaphthalenes leads to formation of the corresponding amines, one of which (.beta.-naphthylamine) is a known carcinogen, suggests that human exposure to this nitro compound should be minimal. The important role of metabolic studies in the evaluation of potential chemical toxicity is indicated and a critical reevaluation of compounds whose metabolism by known pathways could lead to the in vivo formation of carcinogenic compounds suggested.

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