Lung cancer in hospitalized patients of Thailand

Phunmanee, A.; Wirasorn, K.; Thavornpitak, Y.; Sookprasert, A.; Chindaprasirt, J.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 95(Suppl 7): S201-S205


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 23130455
Document Number: 13417
To identify admission rates, treatments and healthcare cost of lung cancer Information on illness of inpatients and casualties came from hospitals nationwide and from hospital withdrawals from the 3 health insurance schemes in the fiscal year 2010. The data included 96% of the population and were analyzed by age groups, hospital levels, treatment and insurance schemes in patients with lung cancer. Lung cancer occurred in 27,896 of all admissions, contributing to admission rate of 60 per 100,000 persons. The admission rates were markedly increased in male more than 60 years old. The majority of treatments were palliative care 61.38%, chemotherapy 36.81%. The average length of stay and hospital charges in three insurance schemes groups: government welfare, social welfare and universal coverage were 40,571.29 Baht/9.86 days, 43,342.54 Baht/8.24 days and 17,897.75 Baht/6.08 days, respectively. Admission rates showed that lung cancer increased with age. The highest rate was observed in more than 60 years old. The window gap in hospital charges and length of stay in three insurance schemes are interesting. Thus, analysis of treatment protocol should be examined.

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