Hypersensitivity reactions to insulin

Becerril-Ángeles, M.ín.; Moctezuma-Trejo, C.; Espinosa-Larrañaga, F.

Revista Alergia Mexico 59(1): 25-30


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-5151
PMID: 24007930
Document Number: 12962
Hypersensitivity reactions to insulin are infrequent, yet of clinical importance. The mechanisms of hypersensitivity involved can be of three types: I, III and IV. To describe the pathophysiology of hypersensitivity to insulin, its clinical features and diagnostic and therapeutic approach, that help identify the cases of allergy to insulin and begin a treatment, or if necessary, to refer patients to a specialists or appropriate medical attention. An electronic search of papers related to insulin hypersensitivity was performed in PubMed and the articles selected were those considered the most relevant for this review. Thirty eight papers about pathophysiology, mechanisms of injury and the different types of insulin involved in hypersensitivity reactions were included. Likewise, information for the diagnosis of insulin hypersensitivity and some options of treatment for first contact physicians or the referral of patients to specialists in endocrinology and allergy were included. Insulin hypersensitivity has a low prevalence and diverse clinical manifestations. The different types of insulin suitable allow the majority of cases of hypersensitivity to continue the treatment in a efficient and flexible manner.

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Hypersensitivity reactions to insulin