Morphometric characteristics of fundal glands of the stomach in duodenal ulcer and pre-ulcer condition

Uspenskiĭ, V.M.

Arkhiv Patologii 40(7): 22-28


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-1955
PMID: 356810
Document Number: 128197
Biopsy material was used for morphometric study of the fundal glands in 114 patients with duodenal ulcers, 177 patients with various forms of gastroduodenal pathology but with typical signs of duodenal ulcer, and in 21 normal subjects. Three variants of the increase in the amount of secretory elements of the fundal glands were found: owing to an increase in the number of main cells (first variant), main and parietal cells (second variant), and parietal cells (third variant). These changes in the fundal glands are not specific for ulcer and pre-ulcer conditions, they are observed in normal subjects with constitutional hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid and pepsin. The patients with duodenal ulcer and pre-ulcer conditions are characterized by "hyper-pepsinogenic shift" in the epithelial formula of the fundal gland (45% and 31-38%, respectively) owing to an increase in the number of main cells.

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